Thursday, 2 February 2012

Scrappy Basket

Hey  guys my first post of my work. This is what I call my scrappy basket. The handle I found while walking around the block and I spotted a broken down basket in my neighbours garbage. Next was the reed. this was the end pieces that I kept from other projects. when you get to know me you will know I hate throwing out material for weaving. For the rim and lashing... well the rim is the outer casing of telephone wire and the lashing guessed it was a single strand of telephone wire. I enjoy reusing materials in my baskets.

My first love is to make natural baskets. I enjoy going out gathering material from nature. In Aug. you will find me in swamps / back roadside ditches / forest / lakes and fields. Home owners always give me strange looks when I ask if  I can gather material on their property . All they see is some crazy guy wanting to take their weeds away.

Hope you enjoy the basket.

The Midnight Weaver

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