Monday, 2 April 2012

looking for gagit counter

Hey  I'm looking for a gagit that will count how many visitors I get. Please help I have looked over 1000 gagits and I'm now crosseyed

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Bear update

Sorry about the no blog been sick there was three types of flu / colds going around and I got them one right after another. I'm on the mend and back at it. I'm ready to due more bears but as I was sick I got into sewing a quilt. I learned how to do cathedrial windows and I can't stop. I'll post a pic tomorrow.

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Bear Pictures

I"m Beary tired today

Hi gang sorry for the long span between post. Been beary busy. I'll show you what I've been up to.

received an old lamb's coat and was ask if I could make her a teddy bear out of it and I could keep the rest. I've got two done and it always surprises me although I use the same pattern they always come out different. Each have their own expressions.

As you can see I'm in the process of adding the limbs and head to the body. I sew the head on the body but joint the legs and arms. I make my own joints by using 1 metal washer 1 wooden disk 1 cotter pin

1)   Find and mark on the inside of legs and arms where you want your cotter pin to enter.
2)   Find and mark on the inside of the body where you want your cotter pin to enter for the arms and  
3)  Then - in this order put 1 metal wash on the cotter pin - then put 1 wooden washer on the cotter pin.
4)  Take a limb and put cotter pin with both washer on it through the lining and fur.
5)  By now you should have both washers at the end of the cotter pin and the cotter pin coming out of 
     the limb.
6)  Then push the cotter pin through the fur and lining of the body matching the entry marks that you
      put on.
7)  then put 1 wooden washer on the cotter pin and 1 metal washer on .
8)  with needle nosed pliers bend each sides over. This will attach the limb to the body and make it
     NOTE: The tighter you make the joint by bending the cotter pin may cause the fabric to wear faster.
                  Tight joints do make it easier to pose your bear .
        Well that's it.
     Today I'll finish putting number three bear together. Have a great day. Make sure when you go outside to hang on. The winds are wild here. We have big tree limbs crashing down on properties.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Papa Bear

Another passion of mine is making teddy bears from old fur coats. I find it a real challange and I'm always surprised of the end product. I can use the same pattern but each bear is truly one of a kind.

Anyway here is Papa bear made from an old winter coat from my mother inlaw. I wanted to capture that old worn used look. The vest was scrap material from my stash and the buttons from my button stash. Working with fiber I find I  save everything. I also make my own arm and leg joints which I hope to post at a later date along with a finished Mama bear.

Chat later;

Scrappy Basket

Hey  guys my first post of my work. This is what I call my scrappy basket. The handle I found while walking around the block and I spotted a broken down basket in my neighbours garbage. Next was the reed. this was the end pieces that I kept from other projects. when you get to know me you will know I hate throwing out material for weaving. For the rim and lashing... well the rim is the outer casing of telephone wire and the lashing guessed it was a single strand of telephone wire. I enjoy reusing materials in my baskets.

My first love is to make natural baskets. I enjoy going out gathering material from nature. In Aug. you will find me in swamps / back roadside ditches / forest / lakes and fields. Home owners always give me strange looks when I ask if  I can gather material on their property . All they see is some crazy guy wanting to take their weeds away.

Hope you enjoy the basket.

The Midnight Weaver

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Need an answer

I would like to know what do you need to be called a behaviouralist in Canada?

Monday, 9 January 2012

Need to find and add basket weaver bloggers

I'm a newby and just got my blog this afternoon. I reallty need to make contact with other basket weavers but I don't know how to search for them or add them. Can anyone out there in "cyber land" help me out?

After the Christmas rush my stock has been greatly depleated. I need to get back into my studio real soon. I find if I don't weave for a week I begin to get emotionally clouged up. Weaving in quiet with just the sound of a fire and the pulling of weavers over stakes does it for me. Hope to get some pics up soon.

thanks a bunch;
The Midnight weaver

Welcome to my new blog

Hi my name is Frank Rosbottom. I have been weaving for many years. It is time for me to get into the computer age and what better way to get started than starting a blog page.